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A Law that Prevents Overdosing; Are Safe Injection Sites the New Solution?

Written By:

Kenzie Shelstad

Publishing Date:

August 6, 2023

As the United States struggles with the increasing amount of opioid addictions and fentanyl deaths, lawmakers are searching for a way to decrease fatality rates among addicts. Safe injection sites are one of the solutions that have been sought out by numerous states, including but not limited to California, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. These safe injection sites allow addicts to legally use drugs in a safe location that provides sterile supplies as well as crash kits to immediately respond to potential overdoses. These sites also provide information on resources for treatment, as well as testing for STDs and pregnancy.

            While these states, and others, have attempted to open safe injection sites, there are currently none operating in the United States at this time. On June 9th, 2022, Vermont governor, Phil Scott, and his Opioid Coordination Council, vetoed a potential law seeking to open a safe injection site in Vermont. Scott cited a lack of research on the success of safe injection sites, stating,They are illegal under federal law and highly controversial.” Yet, opioid addiction is at an all time high, and it’s reported that there is a greater risk of dying from an opioid overdose than from a car crash in the United States.

            Safe injection sites have been approved in other parts of the world, such as in Canada and Australia. As the United States government continues to fight the ongoing opioid battle, lawmakers are desperate for a new way to combat overdoses. Are safe injection sites the new solution?


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