United States Youth Forum

Giving a Voice to America's Youth

An unfortunate lack of representation in the political sphere often means that young people's voices are too easily ignored. The United States Youth Forum (USYF) was founded in March 2021 to amplify youth voices and the issues that are especially important to them. In the last few years more and more people have recognized the need to bring youth in from the sidelines and center them within dialogue that directly affects their future. As a youth-driven and youth-led organization, USYF puts youth at the center of leadership. 


USYF recognizes the need for open dialogue that continually challenges and redefines the most effective way to reach the goal of recognizing and uplifting youth voices amongst the general public and within our local, state, and federal governments. A diversity of views and backgrounds, as evidenced by the diversity of youth backgrounds present with the USYF team, continually allows USYF to grow and achieve its vision of giving a voice to America’s youth. 

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Who We Are

The United States Youth Forum is a national youth-led organization. Four Pillars define the vision of USYF. 1) To be informative. Young people should be informed and educated about the issues and policies affecting their lives and their communities. 2) To be inspiring. When young people are inspired they are a powerful force for change. 3) To be connective. Young people should feel like they are part of a wider community. This community supports and encourages each other. And 4) To be inclusive. USYF ultimately aims to work directly with local, state, and federally elected officials in order to give youth a direct say on the policy initiatives that affect their lives and their futures. Learn earn more about the Four Pillars of USYF here.


USYF lobbies for the future, and the youth who will see the future through. It is time that our future is seen by our politicians and leaders as a long-term investment, not as something to be traded away for short-term benefits. This means taking action on the student loan crisis, reducing barriers for students to vote, swiftly moving to face the climate crisis head-on, fighting pollution of our water, land, and skies, and ensuring youth have the mental, educational, and economical support they need to thrive.


What We Do

  1. Political and social education: We raise awareness of issues important to youth, educate the general public on the importance of youth participation in the policy process, and empower youth with the tools and knowledge necessary to become activists and participants in their communities. 

  2. Motivational Campaigns: We motivate youth through engaging campaigns and events that empower them to become involved in their community. We share the stories and experiences of young people to encourage and inform youth.

  3. Youth engagement: We partner and collaborate with youth leaders and youth organizations on shared issues, and conduct outreach to youth for input on issues and policy recommendations important to them. 

  4. Issue advocacy: We lobby for youth on the national, state, and local levels on certain issues important to youth, and work to hold elected officials accountable.


Join USYF Today as a member or a volunteer, and make a difference for youth all across the united States!

As a member of USYF, you will have the opportunity to join the national team and your local chapter. You will gain first access to exclusive content from USYF, as well a first invitation to all of our national and local events. You will be involved in the local and national campaigns and gain access to a strong youth network within USYF. You will also be given the opportunity to raise attention to the issues most important for you, as well how these issues are brought to the attention of the general public, local, state, and national politicians, and other people in positions of power.


As a volunteer, you will have the chance to work with the elected representatives of your local chapter to implement an action agenda approved by the participating members of your chapter. You will engage in outreach, social media engagement, and project implementation.

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