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Giving a Voice to America's Youth

As the last few years have demonstrated, young people in America contain an incredible passion for making the world a better place and ensuring a more secure future. Whether from leading the global climate movement, to campaigning for common-sense gun reform, or being a part of the most politically active generation of young people. This generation is highly motivated, committed in their beliefs, and ready to fight for change. In March 2021, in this environment, the United States Youth Forum (USYF) was founded with the goal to amplify youth voices and connect young people together. Our mission as a youth-founded and youth-led organization is to empower young people to connect with their local communities, as well as to share their perspectives and engage in dialogue with each other.

The voices of young people should not be sidelined – it is important to have young people not only in the room, but to also be seated at the table. In dialogue, in equal participation. We believe, a diversity of views and backgrounds is vital for informing decision-makers in positions of power, and for impacting local change. Young people remain the most valuable asset a local community has. USYF is dedicated to nurturing that asset and providing the resources young people need to thrive – as students, activists, organizers, young professionals, and citizens.

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United States Youth Forum

Home: Welcome
Home: Welcome

Get Involved!

Donate to support youth!


Want to support youth empowerment? Consider donating to USYF – all donations support young volunteers as they create motivating workshops and forums, run our membership connection program, provide stipends to USYF Fellows, and develop educational content.

Check out our Events Page!


Want to connect with other young people, learn more about important topics, share your perspectives, and become inspired to take action? Come join our next USYF event! Details can be found on our events page – just click RSVP and you are all set to-go!


For those wanting to be change-makers in their community – we would be so excited to have you volunteer with us! Write content, conduct outreach, assist with our events, give presentations, become a group leader – and so much more. Simply send your resume and letter of interested to the email We are excited to work with you!

Partner with us!


If you are an individual or part of a youth-led organization and would like to work with us through a partnership – we would love to hear from you. Because we believe that youth should combine their strengths to achieve their vision of a better future. Contact us today through the email or click on the link below for more information!


Home: Welcome

The USYF Community Membership Program

Join a network of young people across the United States fighting for change! As a USYF member you receive support from a whole community of activists, organizers, students, early professionals, and community members from diverse backgrounds and with different lived experiences! Some benefits of being a USYF member include:

  • Access to our membership connection site on

  • Placement within peer mentoring groups

  • The ability to attend networking events

  • Resume building assistance and professional references

  • Surprise giveaways and opportunity pools

  • Access to your local USYF Chapter (dependent on location)

  • A free USYF patch and the opportunity to earn other USYF swag

  • Exclusive USYF content

  • Access to the USYF Jobs and Opportunities board

  • And more! Click here for more information.


You can become a member today by filling out the following Google form or by sending us a completed PDF form to the email

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