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Our Mission

Giving a Voice to America's Youth

The United States Youth Forum envisions a future in which youth in America have a direct say on the policies being implemented within their communities. The nature of the American political system gives politicians too much incentive to reach for short-term benefits, rather than valuing long-term thinking that secures the future of American young people. 122 countries in the world have a national youth policy that guides the national government on how to include youth voices within policy-making initiatives - and yet the United States has none. USYF aims to fill this gap. As a youth-driven and youth-led organization, USYF centers youth within the dialogue that shapes their future. Politicians and organizations can work with USYF to better understand not only issues important to youth, but to also include youth in discussions about their own future. Youth leaders around the country can join USYF and amplify attention to issues they are passionate about. When youth are joined together, they form a powerful political and societal force - it is this vision of the future that the United States Youth Forum reaches for. 

Mission & Vision: Mission

Our Values

Youth in Dialogue with Each Other

  1. Youth-driven and youth-led. Too many organizations aim to represent youth, and yet have few - if any - youth actors directly involved in their work. 

  2. Non-partisan. USYF represents all youth in America. A diversity of views and backgrounds are welcome.  

  3. No bigotry and no hate. Young people see enough bigotry and hate in the rest of the world - it is imperative they have a place where hate is not only not tolerated, but actively fought against. 

  4. Forward-thinking. Youth are not interested in short-term solutions that simply kick problems forward to a later date. Solutions should be forward-thinking, rather than quick-fixes.

What we do

Securing a better future for America's youth.

  1. Political and social education: We raise awareness of issues important to youth, educate the general public on the importance of youth participation in the policy process, and empower youth with the tools and knowledge necessary to become activists and participants in their communities. 

  2. Motivational Campaigns: We motivate youth through engaging campaigns and events that empower them to become involved in their community. We share the stories and experiences of young people to encourage and inform youth.

  3. Youth engagement: We partner and collaborate with youth leaders and youth organizations on shared issues, and conduct outreach to youth for input on issues and policy recommendations important to them. 

  4. Issue advocacy: We lobby for youth on the national, state, and local levels on certain issues important to youth, and work to hold elected officials accountable.

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