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Colleagues Working Together

Partner with USYF

Our main goal for seeking out partnerships is to be able to collaborate, coordinate, unify, and strengthen the work we currently do to better support, empower, and meet our vision of shining the spotlight on youth, having their voices heard, and creating meaningful and long-lasting impact.


  • Pool resources together

  • Connect with participants

  • Highlight mutually beneficial or relevant information



  • Develop/create events together

  • Form initiatives

  • Work on content/developing resources



  • Build networks/friendships

  • Unify efforts towards a similar and common goal

What can we offer?
Currently, USYF has about 50 volunteers and various teams that focus on outreach,
programming/events, research, content writing, and fundraising. USYF can also offer:

  • The opportunity to cross-share content across platforms/channels

  • Help promoting outside events to our own volunteers

  • Assistance with live events - for example having our own volunteers assist in the development and implementation of outside events

  • Insight on our strategies and best practices for event coordination, youth engagement etc.

  • Open to collaboration and development of events

  • Open to collaboration and development for youth outreach

  • Share network connections. Such as local activists or organizers who can help support events/initiatives in their local communities

  • Featuring members of the outside organization either in events or interviews/live streams

Interested in learning more about a partnership with USYF? Email us at

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