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USYF Summer Tour: Trans Rights are Human Rights

This summer, USYF is traveling across the country to connect with more youth voices!

With the rise of anti-transgender sentiment throughout the United States, the United States Youth Forum is focusing on transgender rights for our Summer Tour. We hope to raise awareness of pressing issues and highlight resources for transgender youth in the cities we visit.

USYF is so excited to announce that we will be touring in eight different cities this summer between June 24th and July 19th. We will be discussing important topics during educational workshops, coffee talks, park picnics, and live forum events. as part of our summer theme: Trans Rights are Human Rights. We want to hear about your experiences, and give you the chance to hear new perspectives from others about these critical topics for trans youth. For more information click on the RSVP links below and follow us on our social media channels!

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City Tour Flyers (11).png
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