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Organizations to Support During Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month

Written By:

Tatiana Pagan

Publishing Date: 

September 8, 2022

With Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month taking place from September 15th to October 15th, it is important to acknowledge the ongoing work of the community. The Latinx community’s contributions towards societal, and political, change in the U.S. are significant. Its influence spans from climate change, reproductive rights, voting rights, and more. Here are just a few of the many organizations you can learn about this month:

  1. Voto Latino: Voto Latino is a political organization focused on educating young, Latinx, voters. The group has been involved in challenging several threats to voter rights which include Arizona’s Proof of Citizen Law in 2022 and Texas’ Congressional Maps in 2021. Voto Latino assisted in getting 601,000 voters registered to vote in November 2020. You can find out more about hosting virtual events and volunteering on their website.

  2. Unidos US: This organization is notable for being the largest Latino civil right organization in the US. Unidos US uses a combination of affiliate organizations, advocacy, and research to overcome issues that affect Latinos across the country. Some key issues include: education, health, housing, and workforce empowerment. You can use their website to stay up-to-date on news, campaigns and research.

  3. United We Dream: This organization, also known as UWD, is the largest youth-led organization dedicated to immigration rights regardless of one’s current immigration status. The group provides resources in both English and Spanish, which helps the Latinx community with things like DACA form renewals, COVID-19 guides, and deportation defense. You can support their current campaign called the Undeniable Campaign.

  4. Amplify Latinx: The goal of Amplify Latinx is to organize a network of collaboration and mentorship. The intention of this network is to improve civic engagement, economic opportunities, and leadership representation. There are various ways to get involved such as volunteering, contributing content, and checking their job board for new opportunities. You can also learn more by reading some reports by Amplify Latinx.

  5. National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice: Commonly known as the Latina Institute, this organization has built a strong community of Latina/x people dedicated to fighting for the right to reproductive health. While headquartered in NYC, there are members all over the U.S. working in partnership with other organizations led by people of color. You can access the latest on their campaigns via Twitter and Facebook.

  6. TransLatin@ Coalition: TransLatin@ Coalition (TLC), which began as a grassroots organization, is now a nationally recognized organization. The group advocates for specific needs of Trans Latin@s in the U.S. TLC approaches issues through local representation in several states, a drop-in center in Los Angeles, and an online human resources training course. You can learn their current goals through their #InvestInTransLives Coalition Manifesto.

  7. GreenLatinos: This organization of Latino/a/x leaders is committed to creating equity and dismantling racism through conservation, climate justice, and environmental liberation. Such efforts benefit local, regional, and national areas. Their policy priorities include clean air, public land and ocean, and water equity. Further details can be found 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.

  8. Techqueria: Techqueria is a nonprofit community of Latinx professionals in tech. Their mission is to provide resources and support Latinx professionals as they further their careers in the tech industry. The organization has over 12,000 members and chapters in nine cities. They also have a job board filled with available internships, freelance, and full-time job opportunities.

While it is good to acknowledge these organizations during Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month, equal effort should be given throughout the entire year. We can celebrate their accomplishments and collaborate on campaigns. Supporting Latinx voices will strengthen their individual causes and working with the community will help advocate more universal issues.


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