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Student to Employee: Advice on Summer Employment

Written By:

Summer Clevenger

Publishing Date:

July 26, 2021

As summer warms up and the excitement of graduation winds down, our attention turns to employment opportunities. A simple search on any job posting board can yield hundreds of results and all those possibilities can feel confusing. To ensure you’re in the best position to start your search, check on these pointers:

  • Edit and re-edit your resume - You should view your resume as an ever-changing document. After listing permanent previous experience, education, and contact information, look at the posting and list relevant skills you possess first. Consider changing up your summary to reflect the qualifications listed in the posting.

  • Pay attention to your LinkedIn profile - LinkedIn is a helpful resource for developing a network and maintaining connections past graduation. Be sure to list any previous employment, internships, or projects you’ve completed relevant to your field. Not only can recruiters find you but you can also search LinkedIn’s job board for recent openings. Additionally, LinkedIn is a great place to research the mission, history, and company culture of potential employers.

  • Keep busy in the meantime - Search the internet for free or low-cost online classes or certifications that may give you an advantage. Google, HubSpot, Coursera, and Harvard provide free education opportunities that will keep you sharp while you look for a job. After you complete certain courses, you can take a test, earn a certificate, and list it on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Meanwhile, look around your community. Are there local nonprofits that need volunteers? Missions and libraries are always in search of extra hands. Service work is both personally rewarding and a good opportunity to make new connections. Be sure add your experience to your resume and LinkedIn!


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