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The United States has a history of being known as a nation built by immigrants. Every year, one million people move to the U.S., making it the country with the most immigrants in the world. As a result, immigration has been a strong focal point for both public and political debate. The Migration Policy Institute reported that in 2019, 45 million immigrants lived in the U.S., accounting for 14 % of the U.S population. Furthermore, they also discovered that in 2016, 11.3 million undocumented immigrants were living in the U.S. However, the current immigration policy has been seen as inhumane, unfair, and lacking basic rights, and there is a huge need to fix our system. The last comprehensive legislation to make it through Congress was in 1986. Since then, no other immigration reform has made it that far. Immigrants need a more improved pathway to citizenship.

It is necessary, more than ever, to stay informed and address the issues within our current immigration policy. There are many benefits of immigration; for example, they contribute to our communities with food and culture. They also fill and create jobs, significantly contributing to the economy. Updating the reform has been a tedious process, and millions of documented and undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. will be impacted by these decisions. We need to work towards creating an improved system that is fair, quicker, more efficient, and will protect those in need. In this way, immigrants may then become citizens and start contributing to the future of the U.S.


What can I do about this?

1. Join in the immigration debate and advocate for a humane reform that will respect the rights on everyone.
2. Use your social media and educate those closest to you. Speak up about the thousands of families torn apart in detention centers, and about how America can start providing humane treatment to refugee children.


An Interview with Edgar
Lara from Sin Barreras

by Melissa Ballard


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